LeViteZer is passionate about pushing the technological limits to provide solutions and services for film industry, virtual reality and people flow. LeViteZer is located at Nokia Quja Startup Space.

BaseCam Electronics is shareholder at LeViteZer. together we provide unique and well thought of gimbals for professional users.

LeViteZer 360 Compact Gimbal is for small 360 cameras. It is available for testers, inquiries kim.janson@levitezer.com

Video made with first prototype at NAB2017

LeViteZer 360 Pro gimbal is available for testers, inquiries kim.janson@levitezer.com

LeViteZer 360 Pro Gimabl with Nokia OZO - available for testers from Kim Janson on Vimeo.

It is for 360 video cameras, but works excellent also with normal cameras and on 3D setups etc. LeViteZer Control software is soon available for full camera and gimbal control over Ethernet.

LeViteZer CYRP45 is a boom installed gimbal for BlackMagic Micro Cameras and a remote controller controlling fully the gimbal and camera. This is a very unique gimbal that provides capabilities no other gimbal does. It is still a prototype, we see constantly some interest to it, every professional videographer we have shown it has been fascinated by its unique capabilities. It will be available 2018.

A bit older demo reel, LeViteZer already many years smoothing the movement.