Some final thoughts from Helsinki International Boat show

First of all I like to thank Messukeskus for providing me a Bloggers pass providing free access to Helsinki International boat show and press room. It was a really nice week shooting test videos, editing them and meeting plenty of people. Many just stoping me at the floor and asking “Hey, what is that” The LeViteZer gimbals drove much attention and I was always happy to explain what it is.

I learned many things when making the videos. My previous gimbals for GH4 where big, now I have two small one with CP and BaseCam boards. The small ones make it possible to hold the gimbal on one hand when walking and that provides much better result, I learned this when editing the BaseCam videos, so in many of them there is much more up and down movement because held with two hands close to body. I also learned that on both of the systems attention is needed on the follow mode parameters, both need tuning on that area, and different situations and different focal lengths need different tuning also. Looking the videos now afterwards, it is evident that also camera settings would have needed a bit more attention, like white balance...

A week at Helsinki International Boat Show in one video. Taken with Centrepiece and BaseCam controllers, with and without encoders, with inexpensive Samyang 8 mm and less so SpeedBooster and Canon 8-15mm. Does not really mater after the shots are taken, difficult to tell afterwards what was used.

Thanks for music The Bomb Busters, the song is “Paranoia” , more info on the Vimeo description.