LeViteZer FreeView

The LeViteZer FreeView is a concept that has been developed for many years and now been grounded for a year because the way the multicopter markets are today.

Some years ago it was enough to have well performing multicopter or gimbal or both and one could sell it with profit. Today it should be well integrated product with plenty of automated features. Performance needs to be just good enough, low cost is the key.

It is not easy for Startup companies like LeViteZer to enter these markets, though it would have an excellent concept, even well tested and well performing like the LeViteZer FreeView is.

A successful aerial videography product on todays markets requires a big well established company with needed funding and skills to make a product and to do the marketing. LeViteZer would be happy to support such company to build a unique multicopter system with capabilities like the LeViteZer FreeView has. Please do not hesitate to
contact me.

This video is me practising a year ago with a GoPro 3 setup, not very interesting surrounding and it is uncut so there is some boring sections, the purpose just to show what the LeViteZer FreeView can do. Today the yaw performance has been further improved and there is a Blackmagic Micro camera version waiting to be test flown.

Some more videos:
In forest , crash testing and high speed testing