A short look back and way forward

Looking back, this was more than 2 years ago, testing an early prototype gimbal for Canon 5DII

About the same time I provided first LeViteZer gimbal for RED to Marcelo Borja.

Big thanks for Marcelo Borja for providing the great short films taken with LeViteZer Gimbal for RED. More great work from Marcelo at mborja.com .

Since that the gimbal markets have much changed and LeViteZer has not been looking to traditional handheld gimbals for a while, but new concepts. The LeViteZer CYRP45 provider unseen freedom to move with the gimbal and LeViteZer 360 provides excellent stabilisation for 360 video cameras from Samsung Gear 360 sized cameras to several kilogram 360 rigs. It also provides new possibilities with normal cameras.

LeViteZer is currently looking for investors to make the LeViteZer 360 and CYRP45 gimbals available.