Gimbal testing

A year ago I was testing one of the first LeViteZer handheld gimbal prototypes at Helsinki International Boat show. It was with AlexMos 8 bit board.

Taking a video inside the boat is challenging. There is not after all that much light and even a big boat has narrow corridors and doors.

This year it will be 3 maybe 4 gimbals to test, one with BaseCam 32 bit board with 2 IMUs, one with encoders and the newest one with Phobotic CP controller and maybe also a GoPro gimbal with BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny.

The gimbal controllers really improved a lot during 2014, lets see how they will perform on a true challenge.

The Helsinki International Boat show is between 6th January and 15 February. Stay tuned for some substantial gimbal testing.