Canon XC10 on LeViteZer 360 gimbal at sea

Testing the Canon XC10 on LeViteZer 360 gimbal. The Weather conditions are not that rough, but the waves cause sharp hits to the small boat as seen form the head mounted camera. The XC10 footage remains pretty smooth, but on this kind of wind and shaking there is some shakes.

Note though the lens settings are 240 mm at the start and 24 mm at the end, it was taken 4k and framed on editing phase, so maybe around 340 mm and 40 mm effectively.

The video was taken 25 fps and edited in 30 fps. Not quite ideal for this kind of shooting. 1080p 50 fps would probably have been better. Too bad I could not find 30 fps on the Canon XC10. No post stabilisation was used on this video.

360 Video camera would work just smooth even on this kind of conditions as it does not provide as much details as above 40 mm lenses provide.

Big thanks for Canon Finland for loaning the XC10.