Some toughs on 360 video

The LeViteZer 360 gimbal is primary build for big and heavy 360 video rigs, originally for 16 x GoPro rig but it works very well also with 6 x GoPro setup, 3 x Blackmagic Micro camera setup. I much like the Samsung Gear setup because of its light weight. All these setups use the same LeViteZer 360 gimbal core, only the installation is different.

Samsung gear 360 on LeViteZer 360 gimbal

The Samsung Gear 360 is a pretty nice 360 camera, it is one of the first well integrated 360 video cameras. Its strong points are the simplicity, low cost, and pretty good resolution, especially considering the distribution channels and calculation power a high resolution 360 video playback requires.

For time being the bottleneck of 360 video is really the distribution and playback. Many laptops do not play smoothly 360 video at high resolution and viewing high resolution material requires a fast internet connection. Those are the things that need to be fixed for 360 video to really break trough.

I am sure 2017 will bring many new 360 Video cameras and I hope there will be improvements on 360 video distribution and processor power requirements. Also I am sure that platforms like PS4 VR will set demands for 360 video content.

LeViteZer can offer excellent gimbal for 360 video productions, for any size of camera installations. 2017 will be the challenge for the content creators to provide interesting 360 videos.