Canon 5D IV - maybe

We where on vacation for last week, and decided not to take any video cameras with me, but took the old trusted Canon 1 Ds II. It is outdated camera on many regards, but I love it. Like it much better for still photography than 5D II that I got many years ago because of Video. The 5D II has been pretty much unused since Panasonic GH4.


5D III did not provide any reason to update, now there is the 5D IV that finally provides improvements also on video. I really would like better (easier to handle) video codec and 4k 10 bit HDMI out, not too worried about the 4k crop. For me full frame 2.5k video would be perfect. It would allow lens corrections and some cropping to output perfect FHD. I hope Canon is listening, one can hope future FW updates could bring this…

Maybe the 5D IV would be good replacement for the 1 Ds II + GH4/Speed booster and could finally get rid of the 5D II also.